Some of the most difficult times to catch walleyes are during large bug hatches and the infamous mayfly hatch is at the top of the list.
Hair Jigs are a great choice for early season walleyes on Green Bay. Knowing when to fish them over other presentations will up your catch rate greatly!
Targeting Largemouth Bass early in the season can produce some of the biggest fish of the year. Knowing the fishes locations and feeding habitats during this time frame is crucial to putting more fish in your boat.
When walleyes are transitioning from spring habitats to their summer haunts they can be difficult to locate. The best way to find active fish is by covering water and trolling cranks!
Staying mobile and drilling lots of holes while chasing roaming bluegills on the ice is the name of the game. Using larger baits like spoons also separates the littles from the Bulls!
Sara heads out on a solo ice fishing trip in South Dakota. Covering water when fishing alone a important part in putting more fish on the ice! Using a finicky fooler makes it easy and possible.
Leech Lake in Northern MN is known for its walleye fishing through the ice but don't sleep on it's crappies!
Extreme cold temps, clear water and highly pressured lakes can put the Crappie bite through the ice on hold. The best way to combat this scenario is to wait until the crowds leave and set up after dark.
Tyler and Sara face off in Episode 1 of Sportsman's Journal "Battle of the Sexes"!
When bass are shallow and tucked away in thick canopy cover you need a presentation that is not only weedless but also one that produces!
Introducing the NEW Rumble series of hard baits from Northland Tackle! The balsa construction of the Rumble Shiner changes the game for shallow water walleyes with it's erratic slashing action and slow rise which triggers more strikes!
Rocks can be dynamite when the conditions are right! These often elaborate structures can be the hunting grounds for the biggest fish in a system, especially during the dog days of summer.
Vertical Jigging for summertime crappies can be a difficult task especially on anew lake and open water situations. Understanding your electronics and selecting the proper presentations can help lead to success your next time out.

Door County, WI is home for some of the best smallmouth fishing in North America and fall is prime time. Live Bait Rigging with suckers is a efficient way to cover water and catch fish!

During the Fall period muskies start to target bigger prey and multiple fish will use the same structure. Knowing what baits to throw and where to throw them are key.

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