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Digital Following: 21,000

Slide @sportsmansjournaltv 2k Est. 2018 Est. 2018 Est. 2018 123k Views followers 150% YTD increase 20k 227k 26k monthly views annual views annual hours 10k followers 5k YTD increase


Digital Following: 21,000


Slide 21,000 laptop_chromebook play_arrow Facebook, Instagram, YouTube 35,000 Subscribers + News Stands 130,000 Subscribers + Social Media Broadcast Print Up to 2,000
Up to 5,000 Up to 200 per hour after airings Web + + + = Sportsman's Journal Network Universal TV Reach: Weekly Viewership: Season Viewership: Digital Following: Type: Badger Sportsman: Northland Publications: Monthly Visitors:
Monthly Page Views: Spikes: 60 Million Homes 250,000 Households 4.2 Million