When smallmouth bass move to shallow water in the spring there is no better way to find active fish then covering water and casting cranks. Flat sided crankbaits in particular are perfect for making smallies eat in these cooler water situations.
When fishing in cold water conditions there may be no better bait then a flat sided crank bait. As soon as the ice is gets off the fish get on the chew!
Early season smallmouth bass are always on the move. Finding their pre-spawn feeding flats will lead to more fish in your boat this spring!
Targeting Largemouth Bass early in the season can produce some of the biggest fish of the year. Knowing the fishes locations and feeding habitats during this time frame is crucial to putting more fish in your boat.
When bass are shallow and tucked away in thick canopy cover you need a presentation that is not only weedless but also one that produces!

Door County, WI is home for some of the best smallmouth fishing in North America and fall is prime time. Live Bait Rigging with suckers is a efficient way to cover water and catch fish!

Choosing the right crankbait is critical when fishing for bass in heavy cover. Bill shape and size, body style, rattles and color are huge components in determining which crank will produce fish.

Host Tyler Trampe and Erik Kraemer of Kraemer Custom Rods head to NW Ontario in search of early season smallies. As soon as the ice leaves the lakes large schools of smallmouth become exposed!

Hosts Tyler and Sara Trampe target smallmouth bass in Northern Wisconsin's famous Vilas County!

Host Butch Furtman relives some of this favorite moments while visiting Thunderhook Fly - Ins.

Watch as Butch Furtman heads up to Canada for some late season smallmouth bass, walleye and bonus slab crappie action!

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