We found a Tree! Using your electronics to find a "needle in a hay stack" can pay big dividends! We vertical jig crappies on a main lake basin that has the perfect piece of structure that the crappies are utilizing. We deploy a new tungsten jig and soft plastics that are key to filling the live-well with slabs!
When crappies move up to shallow water you better have a slow falling bait. The strike zones are smaller and in clear water fish can be finicky. Freedom Baitz new 2'' Apache is the real deal for this skinny water fish!
Finding and catching crappies on highly pressured lakes can be a challenge on the ice. Downsizing your presentations is a must and having the right amount of GLOW never hurts putting slabs topside when the bite is tough!
Perhaps our greatest day on the ice!! Hunting BIG panfish can be a lot of work over main lake basin flats. That's why it is important to use a presentation that can not only call fish in from a distance but also can seal the deal!
Tyler and Sara hit the ice early in a brand-new Season of SJTV and breakdown how to locate and catch weed edge dwelling panfish.
Crappies spend a significant amount of time roaming mud flats gorging themselves on insect larvae throughout the year. Knowing when to head to the mud and giving them something they haven't seen before is just the ticket for limits of slabs!
Fishing BIG schools of crappies is like winning the lottery! However, getting the biggest fish in these schools to eat can be a whole different game.
As winter progresses crappies make their move to deep wintering holes - the basin. Targeting these roaming fish can become a chore especially in frigid temps where being mobile is limited. Understanding which baits will help put fish topside will up your game in these conditions!
Early season ice can be lights out on the weed edge! BIG panfish love to work these areas as long as the weeds are green. This was a Crazy Day!!
Lake of the Woods has plenty of big fish opportunities. Putting yourself on the right spot (where fish want to be) and using the right technique will up your odds at putting fish topside.
When crappies are scattered and roaming on flats its time to fan cast big plastic baits!
When crappies move shallow in the spring their strike zones become small. Having a presentation that can stay in their strike zones for a prolonged period will help your odds of putting fish in the box!
Leech Lake in Northern MN is known for its walleye fishing through the ice but don't sleep on it's crappies!
Extreme cold temps, clear water and highly pressured lakes can put the Crappie bite through the ice on hold. The best way to combat this scenario is to wait until the crowds leave and set up after dark.
Vertical Jigging for summertime crappies can be a difficult task especially on anew lake and open water situations. Understanding your electronics and selecting the proper presentations can help lead to success your next time out.

Lake of the Woods is home to some amazing ice fishing opportunities and Tamarack Island is right in the middle of the action! Find out what presentations and methods put GIANT Crappies on the ice!

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