Targeting Muskies during the summer period is the perfect time for fishing fast and covering water in search of active fish. There is no better bait to do this with then the bucktail - easy retrieve, fast moving and fish eat it! We got our hands on a new bait from Wolf Creek Tackle and had to find out if Lake of the Woods Muskies liked it!
Located in the heart of the best musky fishing on LOTW, Tamarack island is home to giants!
Rocks can be dynamite when the conditions are right! These often elaborate structures can be the hunting grounds for the biggest fish in a system, especially during the dog days of summer.

During the Fall period muskies start to target bigger prey and multiple fish will use the same structure. Knowing what baits to throw and where to throw them are key.

Finding and patterning early season muskies with gliders & bucktails at Cliff Lake Resorts.

Join the Sportsman's Journal crew as the travel to Cliff Lake Resorts in NW Ontario in pursuit of summer time muskies! Host Tyler and Sara Trampe examine the warm water patterns in a classic Canadian shield lake.

Host's Tyler and Sara Trampe head to Cliff Lake, Ontario and hunt for summertime Muskies! They explain how wind and weeds can be a deadly tandem for putting fish in the boat.

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