Lake of the Woods has lots of places for walleyes to hide and being able to attract fish is key. Jigging baits with rattles are perfect for bringing in roaming Eyes and the NEW Northland Glass Buck Shot Spoon is ready to get the job done!
Lake of the Woods has plenty of big fish opportunities. Putting yourself on the right spot (where fish want to be) and using the right technique will up your odds at putting fish topside.
The Fall Turnover period is one of the most difficult times to locate and catch walleyes consistently. Being mobile and the willingness to change up strategies will help put "Eyes" in the box!
Using the wind to your advantage can change the game. Understanding how walleyes use particular structures with certain wind conditions will put more fish in your rig!
Tracking down roaming walleyes is not always an easy deal. Having a presentation that can be fished in a variety of ways can such as the Puppet Minnow can be a game changer!
Slip Bobber fishing for walleyes can be one of the most effective way to catch finicky fish all season long!
One of the most overlooked structures for walleyes are downed trees. Trees can hold piles of fish especially early in the season when shallow cover is sparse.
Some of the most difficult times to catch walleyes are during large bug hatches and the infamous mayfly hatch is at the top of the list.
Hair Jigs are a great choice for early season walleyes on Green Bay. Knowing when to fish them over other presentations will up your catch rate greatly!
When walleyes are transitioning from spring habitats to their summer haunts they can be difficult to locate. The best way to find active fish is by covering water and trolling cranks!

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