Understanding your boats electronics is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to finding walleyes. We breakdown how we like to use certain features on our graphs to expedite the process of finding fish on main lake structure.
Glide baits are taking the walleye world by storm! Using these types of baits are an extremely effective way to cover water and find aggressive feeding walleyes. Northland added a new one to its arsenal and we put it to the test!
Tungsten has changed the game in walleye fishing - especially when the bite is tough. When Finesse tactics are needed and downsizing is a must there is no better weapon then the new tungsten jigs from Northland! We break it all down in the Northwoods of Wisconsin!
When fishing finicky walleyes sometimes its best to go slow! Dragging live bait is one of the most effective ways to produce walleyes during difficult periods.
Deploying Slip Bobbers for walleyes is coming back into style! Power Corking just leveled up with the Short-Shank Tungsten jig by Northland Fishing Tackle! Fastest way to the fish!
We got the chance to break in the new Eye-Candy from Northland Fishing Tackle on our Fly-in trip to Knobbys! To say this stuff works is an understatement!
Fishing "hair" for walleyes has become a got-to early season presentation through-out the Midwest and especially Green Bay. Hair also produces when other baits fail to put fish in the boat when walleyes their annual run up the tributaries to spawn.
Lake Vermilion has a ton of water and during the early season walleyes can be spread out and shallow. These shallow fish tend to be extremally spooky, so boat control is a huge factor as well as a subtle presentation!
Finding the "Spot on the Spot" can take time and energy - but the payouts can be well worth it! Find the exact spot that fish want to utilize and your entire day changes!

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