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I have been with Tyler and Sara since the early stages of their professional fishing careers, before Sportsman’s Journal TV.  Even before they had the TV platform they both were fantastic Ambassadors for Kraemer Custom Rods.  You could say that Tyler and Sara, along with myself were in the infant stages of making a career in the fishing industry when we entered this partnership.  In the last 4 years being associated with Tyler and Sara and Sportsman’s Journal TV, my business has gone from a side job and a dream, to a full time successful business.  To me the husband/wife aspect of the fishing show is a breath of fresh air in to television fishing shows, and because of that I am selling more fishing rods to women than ever before.  They both have vast knowledge and skill as anglers of the upper mid west and Canada, as well as being approachable down to earth people.  This is a rare combination in today’s world and I believe this is what sets them apart from other shows today. They are very active and responsive on social media. That interaction with fans is what makes people feel like they are a part of something, and in a way they all are.  SJTV is a unique fishing platform in today’s fishing industry, and Tyler and Sara’s drive to make a fantastic show is second to none.  I can easily say that I am as proud and Thankful to be a part of this today as I was 4 years ago.

Erik Kraemer 

Erik Kraemer 


Trying to market an ice fishing product is very challenging given all the competing products out there. Teaming up with SJTV has given the Finicky Fooler Brand an edge against our competition. Brand recognition is crucial to the success of a product. Showcasing our product on SJTV has helped to establish Finicky Fooler as a legitimate quality product in the tip-up market. Our first year advertising campaign with SJTV has resulted in record sales for the 2019-20 season.  We will continue to work with SJTV to grow brand recognition and gain market share of Finicky Fooler products.  

Tom Reiter 

Tom Reiter 


As a marketer of outdoor related products it’s critical for our organization to fine cost-effective, impactful methods to market and support our brands.  We have found a true partner in the Sportsman’s Journal Television program.  Their reach, messaging, and full understanding of not only our outdoor product assortment, but also our goals & objectives as an advertising partner are paramount.  Their professionalism, creativity, and partnership are truly appreciated. We have seen a noticeable uptick in our brand awareness and point of sale in their core regions.  The strength of the show and format of their program are a perfect fit for our brands.  We continue to see upward trends in our brand awareness and look forward to continuing our relationship with Sportsman’s Journal.

Andy Wundrock


Sportsman’s Journal has been great for our business.  I can’t count the leads and the bookings we have had because of the job Ty and Sara do for us.  We have been happy to partner with them the past 3 years, and look forward to many more years to come!

Todd Hacualt

Todd Hacualt